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  • PRESERVE Family City USA

    The strength of a city is rooted within the walls of its homes and the boundaries of its communities. Orem leads the country in this regard – our Family City USA motto is recognized nationally. We have been Family City USA for decades and yet our rapid growth pose a threat to this identity. The only way to preserve who we are is to have a mindset that focuses on renewal and wise stewardship of resources rather than growth and development.

  • BLOCK Un-Checked Growth

    Orem added over 5,600 residents in 2015 and 2016, more than it had added in the prior 8 years. We have traffic and congestion problems because our infrastructure was created for family neighborhoods rather than today's higher density. Orem does not need a growth strategy. We need a renewal strategy. Instead of turning older and rundown properties into high-density apartments like what we see in much of Provo.

  • GIVE Orem Residents a Voice

    I have visited 100's of homes in Orem, going door to door to discuss the increase in high density apartments and increased traffic and congestion with residents. I heard over and over again, until it was crystal clear, that the citizens of Orem believe the City cares more about growth and apartments than what Orem residents really want. For example, developers should be required to get neighborhood approval for proposed developments before going to the Planning Commission.

Orem is at a Crossroads.

The future is in Our Hands.

Today Orem is the second fastest growing city in Utah. Orem used be Utah’s growth leader two or three decades ago. That made sense because we had undeveloped land and families that needed a place to live. Today, Orem is over 99% developed. We have two choices on how to grow:

1. Continue to grow rapidly by adding more high-density apartments.

2. Work on renewing older single family homes and upgrading, improving and making them better.

Our infrastructure cannot keep up with high density development. Additional traffic and congestion creates problems for Orem residents and visitors alike. Our city focuses on running the business side of running a city but seems to have lost sight of the experience of living in Orem. We can choose to grow much differently, and focus our growth on improving our communities as a wonderful place to live and to raise our families.
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